What are the charges for sending money through VASkey?

Regular MTN MoMo charges apply for all send money transactions.

How secure is VASkey for MoMo Transactions?

VASkey piggy-backs on MTN Mobile Money, thus every transaction needs to be authorised by MTN.

What are the requirement if I want to signup to VASkey Social Commerce platform as a merchant?

Merchants can do self signup from the Merchant Portal. All you require is your social media handle.

What charges does a merchant incur for accepting payments via VASkey?

Merchants don’t incur any charges, charges are borne by their clients.

How long does it take to receive funds from processed sales?

VASkey realizes next day settlement, i.e. T+1

What are payment links?

Payment links are URLs generated by users on the VASkey app to request money from their contacts. Users can send the link to their contacts via SMS, IM, email or any channel of their choice. Once the recipient approves the request, funds are immediately deposited into users' account.